Toppings Galore!

With so many toppings to choose from you will find something everyone enjoys! With over 50 toppings from fresh fruit to rich hot fudge, Taste Yogurt Bar’s options are only limited to your imagination!


Our Location

344 Tate Street
Greensboro, NC 27403
(across from NY Pizza)

Customer Reviews

I know there are a lot of fro-yo places around town, but this place gets it right. It’s  clean, the yogurt selection is always good, and there is usually at least one non-dairy sorbet option on tap. The toppings have always been well stocked and neat when I have been there. The staff is friendly and helpful.

– Lara M.

I sampled and absolutely loved their pumpkin pie yogurt and their white chocolate. I ultimately built a cup using their French vanilla and white chocolate. The toppings included most of the usual favorites and included additional sauces and syrups I haven’t seen before. “Chocolate rocks” was also a new topping to me, they were quite pretty!

– Charlotte M.


– Alexandra H.

I don’t often go for yogurt, but I love this place. It’s a perfect addition to the shops located there on Tate Street. The atmosphere is fun and the employees are super nice– I assume they are local students. Great place to stop in for a tasty treat.

– Will R.